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Blower Door Testing

The Energy Code requires that:

  • Each house/unit pass a Blower Door test with less than 3.5 or 5 air changes per hour (5 ACH50).
  • Mechanical Ventilation is implemented for houses that test at 3 air changes per hour (3 ACH50) or less for the Blower Door Test –Basically, if the home is built too tight than poke a hole in the wall to supply fresh air.

If you are building a house, a certificate (R401.3) is required to be done prior to receiving your Certificate of Occupancy from the city.   Powerwatcher supplies a certificate within 1 hour of the completion of testing.


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duct blasting

What is duct blasting?
Duct blasting is the process by which a trained and certified technician pressure tests the ductwork of a building for air leaks. The duct blaster raises the pressure inside the ducts and measures and documents how airtight the ventilation system is. It is highly recommended to do a duct blasting test at rough-in to prevent problems during final construction and more easily address any identification leakage points.

Why Have a Duct Blasting Test Performed?
It takes only a few leakage points in a house’s ductwork to become taxing on its heating and cooling systems. As air leaks the conditioning systems work harder to maintain a consistent atmosphere in the home, thus they use more energy and make your home less efficient.​

The duct blasting test is designed to tell the amount of energy loss in a house. By performing a duct blasting test, a technician can identify the leakage points in the ductwork. These duct leakage points can then be sealed and the energy efficiency of the building increases.

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